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The  Hints & Tips reproduced here are just some of the many Modifications, Attachments, Fixtures and Jigs I have made for the Lathe and associated Machinery in the Workshop along with numerous Time Saving, Space Saving and Storage Solutions for the every aspect of the Life and Work of the Woodturner in the Workshop.


Finishing Mops from the Beauty Counter + Lathe Tidies for Holding Turning Tools
Holders for your Smaller Turning Tools + Project Kits & Storage
Polishing Cloth Storage + Useful & Simple Chuck Modifications
Dovetail Groove Dividers + Handy Rule Aid + Magnet #1 + Button Jaw Laminated Capacity Chart
Slide Cover + Tool Tidies + Magnet #2 + Laminated Data Sheet Holder + Bandsaw Blade Storage
Abrasives ~ Cutting, Identifying, Storage & Use + Magnet #3 
Drilling Depth Gauge for the Tailstock + Magnet #4
Lathe Support Stand + Sand Filled Lathe Bed + Respirator Storage & Charging Station
Tool Rest Extension + Parting Off Tool Rest + Abrasive Holders for Natural Edge Bowls & Pots
Chuck held set of Drives for Light Pulls etc. + Turners Plug Gauges + Extended Depth Gauge for Bowls
Safety Foot, Elbow & Hip Switch for the Lathe + 1 ph Wiring for Reversing Lathe Rotation
Chuck Jaw & Drive Storage + Lathe Bed Scraper & Protector 
Bench Mounted Mini Power Sander + 2" Sanding Pad Storage 
Power Drill/Router Support + Using a Sewing M/C Motor for a Flexible Drive + Hand Chuck for Drilling
Dust Control Part I ~ Dust Extractor Head + Dust Deflector System
Dust Control Part II ~ Workshop Ventilation + Air Drying Wood Store
Mini Button Jaw Set + Capacity Charts
Extension to Standard Button Jaws + Capacity Charts
Mini Gripper Support + Revolving Center/Drill Chuck Storage + Elbow Protection
Indexing System for the Lathe + Spindle Lock
Waxer for Cut Wood + Lathe Tool Storage
Grinding Jig Part I
Grinding Jig Part II
Deep Boring System Part I The Boring Bar
Deep Boring System Part II, The Boring Bar Trap
Deep Boring System Part III, Tool Rests + Tool Height Setting Gauge
Hollow Form and other Tools + Hollow Form Shavings Removers
Tailstock Morse Taper Ejector + Rasps from Bandsaw Blades + Addition to Safety Switch + Paper Towels
Cam Lock conversion for Cross Slide [Banjo]
More Tool Rests
Steel Tool Handle for use with Various Turning Tools + Miniature Tools + Wire for Decorative Burning
Lathe Up-Grade with Inverter Control, and Forward / Reverse Switch
Cutting Platform for the Chainsaw
Workshop Waste Bin + Make your own Wax Sticks
Fingernail Jig + Skew Grinding Jig + Tip Holder for easy Grinding of Tools
Bench Grinder Modifications & Aids + Wing Mirror for easy Viewing
Angle Rest + Groover Jig 
Hollow Form Reverse Chucking + Parting Off Catcher
New Dust Deflector/Light Unit + Flexible Lathe Lights from Coffee Cups
Lathe Platform + Ball Cutting Jig + Router Holder Sled + Copying Sled Part I
Lathe Platform + Ball Cutting Jig + Router Holder Sled + Copying Sled Part II
Lathe Platform + Ball Cutting Jig + Router Holder Sled + Copying Sled Part III
Lathe Platform + Ball Cutting Jig + Router Holder Sled + Copying Sled Part IV
Texturing Punches + Center Height Finder for setting Cutters in Jigs
Adapting the Lathe for and fitting Vacuum Chuck System
Cup Chucks and Faceplate Chucks for the Vacuum Chuck System
Template Discs for Turning Blanks + Centre Finder for Template Discs
Belt Sander Modifications, Tool Sharpening on the Belt Sander Part I
Belt Sander Modifications, Tool Sharpening on the Belt Sander Part II
Flip Down Tool Rest and Banjo
More Tool Rests for Special Requirements + Tool Rest Storage Unit
Simple Ball Cutting Jig
Bandsaw Blade Brazing Jig for repair or making your own Bandsaw Blades
Bandsaw Modifications, Aids & Jigs
Wood Drying Kiln Part I ~ The Chamber
Wood Drying Kiln Part II ~ Fan and Heaters
Log Cutting Sled for the Bandsaw 
Mini Lathe Modifications and Additions 
Abrasive Systems for Hollow Forms and Vessels
Lathe Platform / Table + Dremel Holder for Work Decoration
Shop Made Faceplates and Drives 
Laser Guide for Deep Hollowing & Repetition Turning
Ten Tips #1 for Storage of Allen Keys, Spanners, Calipers, Jigs & Fixtures , Tool Rests + More
Ten Tips #2 for Storage of Wire Wool, Sanding Discs, Finishes & Polishes + More
Ten Tips #3 for Handy Gauges, Fillers, + More
Ten Tips #4 for Portable Tool Caddie, Caliper Gauge, + More
Upgrading and Modifying the Pillar Drill

 Updates to Hints are indicated by Red Titles.

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