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Holders for Small Woodturning Tools

The smaller sized Woodturning Tools often present a problem for storing when not in use, the solution I have adopted uses short lengths (to suit the Tool being stored) of 22 mm diameter Plastic Pipe (available from any DIY Store) held in the Plastic Snap in Support Clips designed for use with the Pipe.

With these Clips screwed to a backboard (or any convenient surface), at a suitable distance apart all my smaller Turning Tools are readily to hand and neatly stored. The use of the Plastic Piping also ensures that no damage can occur to the Tools when removing and replacing them from the holder.

By having the length of Pipe of a sufficient length, 6 to 8 cm depending on the type of Tool, the business end of each Tool will be visible and therefore make identification and selection that much easier.

A colleague of mine has used the same method, but with a larger size Pipe to store the majority of his Woodturning Tools, for some of the Longer tools he found it necessary to use two support clips and he also applied some adhesive to the clip to stop the tube slipping through which could be the case for larger heavier Tools.

One of the benefits of this system is that there is very little material to collect Dust on or Shavings and as the Pipe is open ended they will not fill up with workshop debris.

This idea can be extended to store many other items such as Forstner Bits, Tool Rests etc. etc. and the Clips on there own can also be used as a means of storing items.



Project Kits and Storage

I make a number of small items on a regular basis these include Keyrings, Paper Knives and Bottle Stoppers to name a few. These all require Drilling, have certain dimensional limitations and incorporate bought in items of a standard size.

To save time, maintain quality and overcome memory loss I have for each Project made up a kit of items that are necessary to make the item in question.

This comprises of a suitable sized container which in my case are 150 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm Food Containers with a positive sealing type lid.

Each Container is clearly labeled.

The contents for the Box shown is:

The Shoulder Diameter Gauge is a thin piece of Plastic to indicate the minimum diameter that can be used before the Cork is larger in diameter than the Shoulder of the Wooden Body of the Bottle Stopper.

The Collet Holder is used with the 1" (now known as 38 mm) O'Donnell Jaws  for the APTC Chuck to hold the 12 mm Dowel which is glued into the Wooden Block of the Bottle Stopper. Turned from a length of 30 mm diameter Nylon 66* which sits neatly in the Jaws, drilled through with the 12 mm Drill and slotted at 90 (i.e. 4 slots carefully cut with a hacksaw) with a 6 mm hole at the end of each slot.

In use the Collet clamped in the Chuck Jaws will securely hold the Dowel allowing the Bottle Stopper to be turned (Initially with the Revolving Centre supporting the other end) and completed. Being of Nylon it is Strong but at the same time soft enough not to damage the Dowel or the Turning Tool should it come in contact with it when Turning.

Nylon 66 is available in various diameters, in short lengths, from, amongst others, a Company called Trylon Ltd  or even on e-Bay. This material is very useful and you will come across its use in further articles in this series. I have found that Nylon is easily Turned using Normal Woodturning Tools.

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