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We all like at times to try something new, here I list some sites offering Hints, Tips, Techniques and Advise on many aspects of Woodturning  to help in unraveling the mysteries of many subjects.

A Course in Woodturning  Free e-book
A Different Way of Jam Chucking 
Able Workshop Hints & Tips for the Disabled Woodworker & Turners
Beginners Guide to Woodturning New to Woodturning you won't go wrong if you start here
Cold Inlay Process using Metal Powders Cole Sanafrank Article
DIY Spalted Wood How to produce your own Spalted Wood.
Finding Center's Always a problem 
How an Eccentric Lathe Works 
How Too  Lots of Hints & Tips
How to Use the Skew 
Information on Metal Spinning 
Lathe Turning Tips
Lost Wood Process
Making Balls by Metal Spinning 
Metal Spinning  Dave Holt
Metal Spinning Tutorial 
Plans for Woodworking Jigs & Tools
Roughing a Bowl Blank on the Lathe 
Screwcutting Wooden Screws how to do it
Segmented Woodturning 
Setting up a Vacuum Chuck
Soap in your Bowl Ernie Conover Article
Speed Kills Woodturning Speeds some useful Pointers
Step by Step Guide to Applying Inlays
The Beading Technique, Metal Spinning 
The In's & Out's of using Woodturning Chisels Shopsmith Woodworking Academy
The Woodturners Workshop Brian Clifford's interesting site
Tips & Hints  From Craft Supplies
Turning & Sanding
Turning Burls
Turning Green Wood
Turning Spalted Wood
Turning Tools & their Uses 
Turning Wood Spheres Balls and how to successfully Turn them
Turning Wooden Bowls
Ways of Mounting Wood on the Lathe
Woodcarving Basic Strokes For those interested in adding Carving to their Turning
Woodturning Tips Turning Tips from Richard Nice
Woodturning Topics from Russ Fairfield
Woodworking Central Information abounds on this Site 
Woodworking Tips
Woodzone Tips
Workshop Techniques - The Lathe
Workshop Tips for Clock Makers Useful information for any Clock Maker

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