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Wonders in Wood, The Art of the Woodturner, was published for the Exhibition commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain.

Showing the work of 84 British and 17 Overseas Turners this Catalogue has a representative selection of the work on display at the Exhibition of the same name held in 1997, I was not fortunate to see this Exhibition so I'm not sure as to just how representative the Book is.

The 101 Photos cover all tastes and styles of Woodturning and there is something for everyone in these pages, although superbly photographed the sense of size is lost due to the almost monotonous background used for every photo. You can have a page with a Platter 19" in diameter alongside a Box 2" x 2" that appear to be the same size with nothing else in view to give an idea of scale.

Many of the pieces will be familiar to you as they have appeared before in numerous Books and Magazines, one particular piece I have over 25 photographs of, cut from Magazines in the past 6 years, one does begin to wonder if this Turner in fact turns any other design?

Some of the more unusual design concepts that caught my attention were the Cylinder Box by Bernd Scmidt, and of course the infamous Pierced Ball Box by Hans Weissflog, what is it with the Germans and Boxes? what ever it is they are good at it.

The Natural Edge Bowl in Burr Oak by Tom Pockley was one piece I would like to see in the round, even if there is a suspicion of this piece being more Carved than Turned, and finally the Natural Edge Goblet by Brian Clifford simply, because apart from being good, its in Yew, my favorite Wood.

For once a well presented Book at a realistic price full of the best in British Woodturning with just a hint of an Overseas influence.

Wonders in Wood, The Art of the Woodturner.
Published by Association of Wood Turner of Great Britain.   ISBN 0 9533817 0 6

Betoverend Hout is again a Catalogue from an Exhibition and I include it here for two reasons, one I was fortunate to visit the Exhibition which took place in Holland during November 1999 and two as an example of what can be achieved, for what was in reality, a very small Regional Exhibition.

Unless you can understand Dutch this is purely a Book for looking at and trying to de-cipher the type of Wood from which each piece is turned, some are easier than others. Did you know Ash is Es and that Taxus (they use the short Botanical name) is Yew.

Again the photos do not give a true idea of size, but having seen the pieces I still have vivid  memories of the giant 40cm Apple Turned from Iep (Elm to you and me).

It was refreshing to have the opportunity to see the work of 36 completely new , to me anyway, Woodturners and their approach to design, concept and shape some of which was very interesting.

The work that I found particularly pleasing was a set of three Vessels by Marcel van Berkel in what appeared to be Spalted Birch, a very unusual Bowl from a unusual cut of Elm by Frank Driessen, and Maria van Kesteren's Boxes in Coloured Elm.

Finally the work of Ger Vervoort with his use of unusual "Stitching" and "Stapling"  patterns on mainly Yew (Taxus) Vessels, Vases and Boxes was worth the visit alone.

The Exhibition was Free and the Catalogue was something like 8, this relatively small group of Turners had put together a first class Exhibition and produced a very well presented Catalogue, I came away inspired and not feeling I had wasted my time visiting.

If you can obtain this Publication then you will not be disappointed.

Betoverend Hout.
Published by DeStiel    ISBN 90 70 415 23 2

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