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Expressions in Wood, Masterworks from The Wornick Collection is in reality a Catalogue of the Exhibition, of the same name, held at the Oakland Museum of California and represents the collection owned by Ronald C. Wornick, being a Catalogue its strength, apart from the actual pieces, is the quality of the Photographs.

Many of the pieces will be familiar to many of you, as they have appeared in most of the Magazines covering Woodturning on numerous occasions, but what is amazing is the size of them.

All too often a half page photo in a Magazine gives no idea of the scale, but here the Book opens with a picture of Ronald Wornick and his wife Anita seated amongst just some of the collection and here you really do get a feel for the size.

Surprisingly Wornick is not just a collector he is also an accomplished Woodturner as well as a maker of Furniture, his one example in this Catalogue, of a Vessel from Spalted Maple and Reed is interesting for many reasons.

Over 42 Artists are represented in the collection and many of these are familiar names, Mike Darlow, David Ellsworth, John Jordan, our own Bert Marsh and Mike Scott likewise there are some notable absentees and some very good Turners that are new names to me.

In all a very good collection, well presented with a wide cross section of style, form and technique, my particular favorites were a piece by Edward Boseley titled #2 Canyon Sunset, Christian Burchard's untitled Vessel and Beachcomber by Michael Peterson.

Expressions in Wood: Masterworks from the Wornick Collection.
ISBN 1 882140 13 3
The Wornick Collection has a Web Site that is well worth a visit, Click on the thumbnail to visit the Site >>>>


Carving on Turning by Chris Pye is one of those Books that you have to judge by it's Cover, which happened to show the very design concept I wanted to try on a Bowl I had recently Turned, and therefore put it on my wanted list.

Although a lot of the content in this Book does not, at this stage anyway, interest me I did find sufficient to be of use on the particular design I had in mind plus it opened up a few areas of Carving which I am currently experimenting with and others that I will explore in the not to distant future.

The introductory first Chapter goes over some of the basics involved in the Book and sets the pattern for what is to follow. Chapter two is headed "Turning" but pleasingly enough Chris assumes that the reader has grasped the basics of Turning.

Chris therefore explains how Carving and Woodturning can work together rather than telling you how to Turn. Also included here are some basic aids and devises to help make the whole process easier. 

Carving is the heading for Chapter 3 and this covers in more detail the necessary types of Chisels and there uses, plus the all important Sharpening of Chisels, followed by various other Tools for Filing, Marking and Holding.

Making "Marks" is covered by two Chapters and shows how practically anything can be used to embellish Wood using a variety of techniques that is only restricted by ones imagination.

The rest of the Book is given over to Projects, from simple Straight Line Patterns to Relief Work, Lettering and Pierced Work in fact something for everyone, with degrees of difficulty to enable the basic to the more capable Carver or Woodturner turn out creditable pieces of Work.

A worthwhile Book to have, even if it does mean you need a whole set of new Tools to learn and master.

Carving on Turning, Chris Pye.
Published by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd.    ISBN 0 946819 88 2
Chris also has his own Web Site, Click on the thumbnail to visit his Site >>>>

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