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Men and Sheds is one of those little Tongue in Cheek Books that often appear in your Christmas Stocking! yet re-assure you that you are not alone in perhaps spending too much time in your beloved Shed.

Are "Sheddies" Eccentrics? I leave that up to you, but it is amazing the many ways you can make a Shed a haven of relaxation and peace, sorry Work. 

Both the Author and the two Photographers used to produce this Book have their Sheds included, Gordon refers to his contribution as "Shed Heaven" whilst the Photographers seem to have generated their interest in the Shed from their involvement in producing this Book. 

The Book concentrates on 41 Sheds, with such headings as "Potting Shed, Man and Boy", "Is that what they're for" and "The Secret Life of a Taxman" from around Great Britain.

Only one  Woodturners Shed is included, although this is perhaps a Woodworkers Shed that just happens to have a Lathe in it, their is plenty to look at and enjoy through out this Book with perhaps a quiet chuckle or a wry smile as you thumb through the pages.

The introduction takes you through Sheds and Sheddists then onto Sheddism which sets the scene for the following 2 page spreads on each of the selected Sheds and there occupants or Sheddists,  one has to assume that their can also  be "Sheddies"?

Some use the Shed for their Business, some are Hobbyists whilst others house Collections and become mini Museums, then you have the Getaway Den and the Drinking Club type of Shed, but enough, you need to get this Book if only to convince your family and friends you are not alone in your dedication to your private haven, nor neither Eccentric or Mad.

Men and Sheds by Gordon Thorburn
Published by New Holland
.   ISBN 1-84330-329-9

What Happened to our Wood is Julian Evans sequel to the original A Wood of our Own, previously reviewed here.

My reason for buying this is that I am actually mentioned in the book after Julian read my review and refers to the scenario of the Brown Oak Pieces he was selling.

The Book takes up the story of Northdown Plantation some 17 years after the purchase of the Wood and the events covered by Julian's first  Book on the Wood.

This Book is more about events around the Wood or the consequences of owning a Wood, than about the Wood Itself although the History of the Wood is explored, with some interesting previous owners and links to well known people.

It appears that owning a Wood is not so much about the Trees but an whole array of side issues that need time and effort to get sorted whether it be the Wildlife, in particular Grey Squirrels or the side issues brought about by Right of Way through the Wood and of course every land owners problem, Fly Tipping, all of which are visited here.

Owning a Wood can also involve you in media events such as Radio, Open Days as a result of the initial Book  as well as mysterious Police activity.

In Chapter 9 Julian reveals the Costs and Income from the Wood and also tells us how much he actually Paid for the original Wood and subsequent additions, the conclusion is I guess that owning a Wood is an Investment and not a Regular Money Earner.

The actual management of the Wood and the Trees is covered in part and for me these were the more interesting sections of the Book, because it is dealing with the aspect of the Wood that I'm in tune with, the Timber, and also underlining that a lot of work and effort goes into Owning a Wood to ensure it survives and produces it's prime objective, Timber.

If you have read A Wood of our Own then you have to read this, if only to see what the costs are or the story behind the Brown Oak.

What Happened to Our Wood by Julian Evans 
 Published by Patula Books   ISBN 

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