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Decorating Turned Wood is a collaboration of Art and Turning, with Michael responsible for the Turning and Liz being the Artist, and together they explore and collaborate on the Designs.

Most of the techniques we are familiar with are covered in this book all be it in Liz and Michaels unique and individual way.

With 5 sections and over 140 pages of Ideas and Techniques for those that wish to enhance or just add decoration to basic or complex Woodturned items.

Sub-Titled "The Makers Eye" which I believe sums up the secret behind the success of their work.

The one thing this Book teaches you is to use your eyes, just as Bert Marsh did in his Book, also reviewed, everyday we are surrounded by Shape and Colour much of which can be interpreted into Wood in particular Turned Wood if you have the vision.

If you want to develop your Woodturning by way of new Shapes and perhaps with the addition of Colour then you should never leave home without a Camera or Sketch Pad or in fact both, this is clearly illustrated here as there are as many, if not more, pictures and sketches of every day items than of actual Woodturning.

True some of the pictures and illustrations do not get an airing in any of the Woodturned items shown, but they clearly illustrate the fact that shape, texture and form are everywhere and can be transferred onto Wood if not today then perhaps later.

The Book leads you through the Development of Ideas, Form, Colour, Pattern and finally Texture with some basic illustrations on Turning methods.

A worthwhile addition to any Library if you wish to explore the boundaries of Woodturning and develop your own designs, shapes and forms.

Decorating Turned Wood by Liz & Michael O'Donnell
Published by Guild of Master Craftsman Publication Ltd.
    ISBN 1-86108-204-5

Despite the Title, Woodturning in France, this book is in English and is a collection of résumé's, techniques and examples of work from 15 French Woodturners some of which are well known and others that are not so well known, at least to me that is.

Whether they are famous or unknown each makes an interesting contribution to this book with some superb photos by Daniel Guilloux, who incidentally is also one of the featured Woodturners as well.

In many ways this book could be seen as the French version of  Terry Martins "Wood Dreaming" with Turners from the length and breadth of France replacing the Aussies represented in Terry's Book.

This book is full of everything good and bad about Woodturning, the good parts show you some stunning work, some interesting workshops, that are as they are and not cleaned for the visiting photographer, and the varied approach to Woodturning by a very varied selection of Woodturners.

The bad [although there is not to much here] is all about practices, that although they exist and go on, should not be shown in this or any book where the un-skilled and un-knowing may unwittingly follow, copy and suffer as a consequence.

It is always interesting to see how other Woodturners and other Cultures see and interpret Wood and turn it into functional pieces or Art, plus the addition of other mediums to make interesting pieces.

Many of the Turners here share the secret of the techniques they use to produce there work, whereas some have appeared elsewhere already many are generally new and of interest to those that wish to advance there Woodturning to a different level.

Woodturning in France by Gérrard Bidou & Daniel Guilloux
Published by Éditions Vial.
   ISBN 2-85101-050-6

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