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However hard we try it is inevitable that we will produce a considerable amount of Dust and Shavings and for that reason we have a whole collection of Machines and Means of extracting it, here are some Links on all you should ever want to know on the subject.

Adding a Pre-Separator 
Air Handling System Design
All Things Dusty
Build your own Silent Dust Collector 
Build a Blast Gate for your Dust Collector 
Building Blast Gates 
Cyclone Dust Extractor
Cyclones & Dust Collection Research
Designing a Ducted System for your Workshop 
Dizzy's Cyclone
Ductwork Design & Installation Guide 
Dust Collection 
Dust Collection @ Belt Sander 
Dust Collection @ Disc Sander  
Dust Collection @ Sawing Machine 
Dust Collection @ the Lathe 
Dust Collection Fittings 
Dust Collection Principles of System Design 
Dust Collector / Shavings Extractor
Grounding PVC & other Dust Collection Myths 
Homemade Cyclone Dust Collecting System  By Steve Silca
Homemade Dust Collector No Excuses 
Homemade Dust Collector System  By Guy Ulven
How to Buy a Dust Collector 
Making a Dust Filter
Marco's Cyclone  AKA The Nordic Sucker
Ten Reasons for Dust Collection 
Toxicity of Wood Dust  
Upgrading your Dust Collection System 
Wood / Dust Toxicity 
Wood Dust Hazards and Precautions 
Wood Dust in Woodworking 

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