How to Sell Your House Fast

If you’re looking at making a fast house sale, or at least, reduce the listing period, you need to employ the tips listed below. These proven tips will make selling your house so much easier.



1. Keep it tidy


Clean your house. Keep the tiles on the floor shiny. Tidy the cabinets, shelves and bathrooms. Declutter your garden and lawn. Mow the grass regularly. Lay down a fresh coat of paint on faded or scuffed walls.


This is actually not a tip – they are simple housekeeping rules for any home. However, many homeowners usually give up on maintaining the cleanliness of their home after listing it for sale. You can’t afford to do that, since first impression carriers a lot of weight in the eventual decision of buyers. A clean and spotless house is a welcoming one, and will increase the chances of landing a buyer.


Also, remember to do before taking and uploading photos of your home online. You’ll be able to attract more people this way.


2. List it a the right price


Many failed listings are caused by poor pricing. We get it – you want to maximise your profit margin. However, setting too high of a price on your property will only turn off genuine prospects from even viewing the house. So play smart, and listen to the advice of your agent. They usually know what they are talking about, and their pricing tend to be competitive.


If you do not have a real estate agent, then you need to dig into historical sales records of houses sold in or near your neighbourhood. This is a very effective method to give you a sense of the pricing band in your area. Use this new knowledge to adjust the price of your listing accordingly.


3. Keep the house empty during viewings


No, having your children screaming around the house does not give your house a warm feeling. It will only irritated potential buyers who are viewing your house. Similarly, the sight of someone sleeping in the bedroom or watching TV in the living room will not improve your chances of selling.


So, whenever you have a viewing appointment, pack up the kids to the neighbour or relative’s house. Let your viewer have the house all to themselves. Believe us, it really does make a difference.


So what are you still doing here? Get a move on!