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Health and Safety is an important part of our lives and none more so for those involved in  Woodturning at any level and should not be ignored, visit some of these Sites and you will soon discover how the issues can affect you and what you do.
AAW Safety Guidelines. Plus my own Observations
Basic Workshop Safety 
Black Walnut Toxicity #1 If you use this Wood then you should Visit these Sites before you start
Black Walnut Toxicity #2

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Botanical Dermatology Database Useful information for not only Trees but Plants
COSHH & Woodworking Regulations applicable to everyone
Guide to Protection of Workers  74 pages of Information on Woodworking Hazards
Hazardous Substances Fact Sheets 
Hazards in the Workshop  
Health & Safety in the Arts Includes section on Wood
Index of Poisonous Plants Many surprises here 
Material Safety Data  
National Institute of Occupational Safety NIOSH Data for all aspects of Health & Safety
NIOSH Dust Control  
NOHSC Timber - Health Hazards Australian Health & Safety Information
OSHA's Wood Dust Exposure Limits  
Potentially Toxic Woods Is the Wood you use likely to effect your Health?
Respiratory Protection 
Respiratory Toxicity of Cedar & Pine  
Roughing Gouge Safety Tips 
Safe Stacking of Sawn Timber 
Safety Guide Sensible advise for Power Tool users
Safety in the use of a Bandsaw 
Safety Reminder for Woodturners Worth Printing and putting up in your Workshop
Selection of Respiratory Equipment 
Static Can be Dangerous and cause Fire
Timber Health Hazards  
Toxic Wood List #1
Toxic Wood List #2
Toxic Woods HSE Publication
Warning - Woodturning Safety Guidelines 
Wood Toxic Chart   List of all those Hazardous Woods
Woodturning Safety Guidelines  
Woodturning Safety Rules 
Woods Toxic to Man That Includes Woodturners
Woodworking Accident Survey Were you the First or has someone beaten you to it?
Woodworking Guides HSE Leaflets on all things Woodworking
Woodworking Machines General Safety Tips A Must Read Site for all Woodturners
Workshop Notebook on Safety

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